How to Know if You Need Roof Restoration

The best way to know if you need roof restoration is to look for a specialist who can clearly tell you if your roof needs to be repaired. As a home owner, there are also some tell tale signs that your roof needs some repair. One of the most obvious sign is during the months of rainy season when you experience some water drippings inside your home due to roof damage. Water can greatly destroy your roof and if you will not look for a roof restoration specialist, the damage that water can cause to your roofs will cause you a lot of money and headache. Over time the water can also cause damage to the ceilings and pipes and eventually your home will no longer be a safe place to live. The roof specialist will look into the damage that was caused by rain, by debris such as old and rotten leaves, and pests. The types of roof materials have different manifestations of damage as listed below:


Concrete tiles

The roof specialist can determine if your concrete tiles roofing needs clean-up, repair, or even replacement. Some tiles maybe missing or some tiles may show some signs of damage either due to manufacturer’s defect or through harsh weather condition. Concrete tiles are also prone to breakage and the tiles would also fade as years go by. The roof restoration specialist can determine if the entire roofing must be replaced or just some pieces of the concrete tiles.

Terracotta tiles

The terracotta tiles are made from moist material which is clay, as a result, the terracotta tiles are prone to algae or moss formation. If you will allow algae and moss to propagate, the roofs can get damaged as rain water will not pass through smoothly on the gutters. You need to acquire the services of Brisbane roof restoration specialist so he can clean the terracotta tiles and also apply some chemicals such as anti-fungal solution to prevent moss and algae from damaging the terracotta tiles.

Wood shakes and shingles

These types of materials are known for their strength and durability,  however they will begin to deteriorate after an average of five years due to exposure to sunlight, cyclones, and other weather disturbances. After five years, call a roof restoration specialist to analyze if the roof needs some cleaning and some replacement of missing shakes and shingles. On the average, you need to change roofs that are made from wood shakes and shingles at an average of twenty five years.