How to Choose an Antenna for my TV?

For a great TV viewing experience, the two most essential things are a good TV and an antenna that is compatible with your TV set. You might be able to buy a good TV but you need to be very careful in buying the right antenna and getting the perfect antenna installation.

Analog and digital antennas

Analog TV is the system of audio and video transmission used in the earlier TVs. But the analog sets and transmission systems are fast being replaced by digital TV. If you own an analog TV, you need a special antenna to receive and broadcast analog signals. It would be better if you change to digital at this stage as entire data, channels and signals are being digitized and you might not receive any analog signal soon.

Digital TV system is far better when it comes to movie viewing experience. It has a host of new features not present in analog TV. But to enjoy all this, you will need a good digital antenna that works with your TV system. Make sure you buy a digital antenna that is able to receive channels being broadcasted in the area you stay.

In some cases of faulty installation or faulty antenna, noise signal overpowers data signal and all you receive is noise.

The most important factor is how you install it. Professional antenna installer is always doing their job properly for your home theatre to receive all the signals.

Understand the various AV outputs between 5.1 to 11.2

Most home theatre installers have in-built stereo receivers or surround sound systems. Simple stereo receivers usually have two channels of amplifications. In most cases AV receivers have amplifications ranging from 5 to 11 which mean that the output can range between 5 surround systems to 11.