How to Become a Dentist in Australia?

Dentistry is highly honored, challenging and rewarding profession. The profession of dentistry is referred to as the primary healthcare profession.

You can become a dentist by selecting the following courses:

  1. Bachelor or Biomedicine or Bachelor of Science
  2. Doctor of Dental Surgery.

The profession has a culture of ongoing learning, specializing in the treatment of mouth, teeth and gums.

To join for a Bachelor course of dentistry you should have completed Year 12 or IB or any other courses equivalent to these. The Doctor of Dental Surgery [DDS] is to qualify you as a dentist.

Australian Dental Association [ADA] is the not-to-profit professional membership organization. They work for the advancement of the dental profession.

The employment facilities of dentist in Australia are as given below:

Most of the dentist start as a private practitioner, as an assistant dentist in any clinic. This will be helpful to get experience.

Also, the posts in the public sector are available for dentists. Another option is to move to areas of expertise such as dentistry, orthodontics etc…after completing specializations.

The regulation of dental practitioners is under the responsibility of The Dental Board of Australia. They Approve and Publish the Accreditation Standards for the profession. The standards will be published in the Australian Dental Council.

Along with the above-described courses, a bunch of undergraduate diploma courses are also available for the profession of dentistry. The University of Sydney is the first dental school in Australia. They practice dental practitioners for a long period of time.

They offer 2 different courses for Dentistry:

  1. Graduate Course-Doctor of Dental Medicine.
  2. Double Degree Dentistry

The registration for these courses will be through the Dental Board of Australia.

The Melbourne Dental School is another famous dental school in Australia. They also provide research facilities for the dentist and the health professionals.

Other than these courses many other universities like University of Western Australia, Griffin University, and University of Adelaide are some others provide with valid dentistry courses.

A lot of courses are available for becoming a dentist in Australia .It is recommended to select the courses which are accredited by the Dental Board of Australia. Each state and territory is registered with the Dental Board of Australia and has the notification committee in each state. They provide with the dentists to register with them to get practiced in their territories. And a variety of registration processes is available depending on the levels of training and experience.

To conclude, the Dental Schools in Australia provide professional qualifications in a variety of specializations. All the courses are accredited and approved by the Dental Board of Australia and so the certificates are valid to work anywhere in the world.

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