Guidelines on Buying Second Hand Industrial Gearbox

The gearbox is one of the most widely used device in industrial sertor. This is an essential device, in a sense that it greatly improves the transmission of mechanical power and is considered an indispensible part of wind turbines, automobiles and Ferris wheels. Understandably, reduction gearbox plays a vital role in the controlling the efficiency of a machine and you must conduct a thorough pre-sale inspection if you are buying a second-hand industrial gearbox.

Inspecting a Second-hand Industrial Gearbox

A thorough, onsite check is absolutely essential if you want to put your money on the right type of used gearbox that will give you good value for years. Even if this is not possible, at least opt for a visual inspection that will lay bare all the superficial defects, no matter how minor they are.

While inspecting, always carry a preset form to note down your observation. The form should have certain basic criteria to help you evaluate the gearbox. Once you know the condition of the used gearbox, you can either negotiate the price or look for some other seller. Do buy only from sellers whom you have dealt with before or those recommended by people whom you trust.

Check for Overheating

Overheating can be a major issue for industrial gearboxes that can affect their performance. So while inspecting the used gearbox, always check the exterior for discoloured paint or signs of burning that may indicate overheating. Smoke emanating from the device is also an indication of overheating. Alternately, spray some water on the housings and shafts and if it evaporates instantly then there is an overheating issue that needs to be checked.