Glasses Used in Restaurants

Most restaurant owners choose to focus on the range and quality of the food they supply to their clients. However, another important aspect is the quality of hospitality supplies used to serve or present different kinds of food and beverages in.

Tall straight, slightly angled glasses

Have you ever noticed how your favourite restaurant serves a glass of chilled Lemon Ice Tea in extremely tall or slightly angled glasses? It is a common feature for restaurants to serve chilled drinks like cold coffee, iced shakes and juices in tall glasses.

Flute glasses for juices and wines

Flute glasses are often used to serve high class wines or feminine alcoholic drinks. However, if a particular restaurant is known for the kind of breakfast they serve, they may add chic to the glassware by serving fresh fruit juices in flute styled glasses too.

Short glasses

Just like tall straight lined glasses are a common feature in most restaurants, so are short A-line glasses. These types of glasses will commonly be used in restaurants that have a casual ambience. Local diners, cafe’s and coffee houses usually stock a variety of short glasses because they are easier to manage and can be bought in bulk regularly.

Narrow on the bottom, wide on the top

Another very popular and common type of restaurant glass is the tall glasses that are used to serve sundaes and desert drinks in. These glasses are typically narrow on the bottom and wide towards the top.

They are stylish and easy to hold and quite suited to serving a variety of drinks in. Most restaurant managers use these glasses for fancier drinks though and not just to serve water or coffee in.

There are occasions or events where in the restaurant may need extra equipment and kitchenware to deliver the requirements, in such circumstances most restaurants will go for restaurant equipment rental instead of buying.