Factors of Truck Accidents

It is difficult to believe but 26 percent of the road crashes involving large trucks take place due to the illegal use of street drugs, recreational drugs, illicit drugs, prescription drugs and over the counter medications (18 percent) on the part of the truck driver.

Substance abuse of this type usually messes up the driver’s alertness and negatively affects his reaction time. Most of the drugs abused by truck drivers induce drowsiness and loss of mental alertness, leading to fatal crashes that kill innocent lives.


13 percent of the accidents are caused by driver fatigue. Overworked and under-rested, sleepy and tired truck drivers often fail to recognise even the commonest road signals and warning signs, resulting in unfortunate crashes.

Blind Spot Accidents

14 percent of the truck accidents are caused when the driver fails to check the blind spot before changing lanes or making turns. In spite of the rigorous training that they receive, many truck drivers forget to check all sides of the vehicle and particularly the blind spots in the side view mirrors before manoeuvring.

Other Causes

The other major causes are drunken driving, speeding, lack of rest areas, lack of passing lanes, velocity of the large trucks and unfamiliarity with the region where the truck was being driven. One of the most common  car accidents nowadays is the cellphone usage while driving. You may file a demand letter to claim compensation from your employer or insurance company.

If you or your loved one suffers an injury or loss of limb or death or paralysis due to the negligence of a truck driver (because of no fault of your own), hiring reputable and experienced, capable Personal Injury Lawyer can help you win damages and financial compensation for your loss, suffering and mental/physical trauma.