Everything You Need To Do Before Your Fiji Holidays

Vacationing in undoubtedly one of the most beautiful tropical islands in the world is one of the most exciting things you can do. However, the weeks leading to your Fiji holidays can be very nerve wrecking especially when you are not sure about exactly what you need to do before holidaying in Fiji.

The last thing you want is for you to be prepared emotionally, physically and even spiritually for your Fiji holidays only to get to the airport to be told that your visa is not valid or there is a complication and so can’t fly.

To avoid such heartache, we have compiled a very comprehensive list of everything you are going to need to pack and also do ahead of your Fiji holidays.

What you need to pack:

  • Money – you can choose to carry cash or to go with your cards. There will be so many fun little things to buy in Fiji and many nice places to visit that cost money and so you need to be well prepared financially. See loans here.
  • Tickets and your passport – you are not leaving Australia without these.
  • Chargers – you need a charger for your phone, camera and lap top at the very least. Your camera needs to be always on as there are so many beautiful people, things and places that you will want to snap away. You don’t have to carry adapters as the electric system is much like the Australian one.
  • Conservative clothing – life is a little laid back and more conservative in Fiji and so if you want to go for a tour of the Fijian villages, ladies should not wear short dresses or ones that are exposing their cleavage, bare back or upper arms. You need to be well covered up
  • Mosquito repellants – there are so many mosquitoes and tiny insects and so you need to be well prepared.
  • Emergency contacts – it is always important to have emergency contacts with you in case of anything

What to do ahead of your holiday:

  • Get vaccinated – check with your doctor about all the vaccinations you need to get before going to Fiji
  • Accommodation – you need to get this done before you leave Australia. Waiting until you are in Fiji for you to start looking for accommodation means you are going to be overcharged and you might not get room in the best resorts.
  • Travel insurance – it is important to take this out before going for your holiday
  • Phone – calling from a different country. Talk to your network provider about the best plan for you when in Fiji.

When you have these things covered, you can now sit back and get ready to have the time of your life.

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