Electric Forklifts

Fork lifts can be tailor made to your requirements. Most of the attachments available are standard and can be used on any machine. Using spool handlers and adjustable forks can compromise capacity. Using a sideshift allows ensures accurate placement; but this too can reduce the capacity. Being able to tilt the forks and mast back and forth simplifies loading of trucks.


Since electric forklifts run on rechargeable batteries, you should check the battery capacity before you decide to purchase. A new battery can run for about 6 hours when fully charged. If the dealer is not sure of the battery capacity, you can ask him to run a test. Ideally battery capacity should be 80% or more.


Price depends on age, condition, features, and brand. Price may also vary depending on the terrain and specific needs. Top forklift brands will cost more since they offer better technology, more tolerance, and long-term usage.

Comfort and Attachments and Safety

After you have decided on the capacity, you should also consider safety, attachments, and ease of usage.

Fork lifts have standard safety features like reverse beepers, and flashing lights. You should also take into account state safety regulations.
Adjustable seats and ease of control can reduce stress and avoid injuries thus ensuring a more productivity.


Since you are investing a good deal of money, you should also consider the maintenance plan. Dealers usually offer 2 types of plans, preventative maintenance, and full maintenance.