Eat slowly, Chew properly – Dining Out

Having an appetiser will stop you from binging on the main course. It is also better if you order a soup or salad as it sustains you until your main course arrives. Go for clear soup or bean soup as it will be filled with fibre and nutrients. These soups also have high calories but are a better choice than creamy soups.

For the main course, always insist on having more vegetables and avoid buttery, oily or deep fried dishes. Request the waiter that your dishes are cooked with less oil or butter.

If you are going to indulge in dessert, then fruits are a great choice. If not fruits at the end of a meal, try lemon pie or apple pie.

If you are not confident of the ingredients in a particular dish, select two or more dishes in your mind so that you are not short of options in the last minute.

Ask questions to waiter

Once you reach the Restaurant South Coast, make sure that you ask the waiter about the ingredients in the already selected dish. Also, ask about the treatment given to the dish. If you feel it is over cooked or fried, you can always change the dish. While ordering the new dish, discuss the ingredients and treatment so that you are eating a low calorie dish that is not extremely spicy or pungent in taste.

If you aren’t that hungry or don’t have much of an appetite or if you are a lady who eats like a bird to keep in shape, it would be more profitable to order a la carte. This way you can order only what you wish to eat and in a small quantity that you can share. It will help you keep your budget in check and prevent wastage of food.