Different Types of Signages

One effective marketing tool for any business related to food and services is the signage. The sign board above your business establishment should be appropriate for your purpose. With so many kinds of signage to choose from, it is easy to choose a product that is attractive and long lasting. This will go a long way to promote your business and attract customers.

Lit Sign Boxes

A sign box with ordinary incandescent light bulbs in them is an economical yet attractive option. A heat resistant paint may be used for printing the letters within the box. This is particularly useful if the name of your restaurant is a large one, or you want to convey some additional signs along with the name of your establishment.

Awning Signs

If your shop is located in an older part of the town and has an awning in front, you can choose from a wide range of awning signs. The signage Sunshine Coast can be customised according to the pattern of the awning.

Neon Lights

Neon signs are perhaps the most attention seeking. Unfortunately, they produce a lot of glare. They are not considered very classy by most people. A good designer can use them sparingly to come up with an effect that is both attractive and tasteful.

Electronic Message Centre Signs

These shop signs use light emitting semi conductor diodes. They are expensive business signage, but last for years.

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