Factors that Can Affect the Cost of a Corporate Video

A corporate video is a great way to introduce your business to the world. The good thing is businesses can now create a corporate video at a minimal cost or maybe even free. Shooting, editing, and uploading a corporate video for everyone to see is easy if you have a camera and access to the internet. On the other hand, if you want an in-depth video, you will need to prepare a considerable amount to able to produce a high quality corporate video. These factors will affect both the price and the quality of the video you will produce:

  • Actors

You need to take a lot of care in choosing who will appear in your corporate video. To minimize cost, consider asking your own employee to appear in your video. If you hire a professional actor, you will need to shell out a few thousand dollars.

  • Script

You can hire a freelance writer to write a script for your corporate video but you will save a lot if you find someone within your company to do the task. The people within the corporation know a lot about the business anyway.

  • Editing

The editing part is very crucial to the overall quality of the corporate video. There are computer programs that can help you with this. Again, one of your employees might have some knowledge in editing videos. If you hire a professional editor, beready to pay at $100 an hour for his service.

  • Location

This will not affect the total cost of your video production if you are going to shoot your corporate video in your business office. However, if you prefer a different location, you might need to pay the rental fee which can increase your cost of production.

  • Props

The type and number of video production props can greatly affect the total cost. Costumes, electrical equipment, and the stage set are just a few possible things you need in creating a corporate video. Check here!

Consider these factors in determining the cost of your corporate video. There are many ways you can keep the cost at a minimum, but don’t forget that your corporate video should not lose its quality just because you wanted to reduce the production cost.