Compliance Guidelines for a Pool Fence

Pool safety inspectors Brisbane thoroughly investigates your pool and checks for any danger points. It is important for you as a home owner with backyard swimming pool. It is even necessary if you are a real estate agent.

You are required to warranty everything that you sell and any accidents in the property due to your carelessness will go against your name. The clients you are representing must get everything perfect.

The use of child resistant doors

The safety laws actively discourage the use of child resistant doors to be used as a pool barrier. The only way you can continue using a child resistant door as a barrier is by applying for an exemption from the government. This rule was made after studies revealed that the risk of a young child drowning in a pool is almost 11 times more when a child resistant door is used. You should ensure that the child resistant door is upgraded by installing another fence in the space between the pool and building. Aesthetic issues are not a valid excuse to refrain from following safety laws.

Laws concerning dividing fences

Sometimes the boundary fence dividing the properties of two individuals is functioning as a part of the pool barrier. All pool fence safety standards are applicable to the boundary wall as well. There should be a non climbable zone which confirms to the professional pool fence inspection standards and regulations. However, as a pool owner is not able to control the actions of his neighbor, he should ensure that the fence is at least 1800 millimeters in height. All costs regarding the fencing should be borne by the owner of the pool. See frameless pool fencing Gold Coast.

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