Commonly Overlooked Defects in a House

So you have recently purchased a new house and are super excited about moving in. Probably you have examined the entire house for defects and have failed in finding anything major. However, there are a lot of chances of you missing out on some critical not so visible areas of the house. Moreover you really don’t have the expertise or the sophisticated equipment to explore the structural integrity of the house and the deep seated issues in it. In this context it’s better to hire the services of Building inspections Southern Tablelands and know about the common areas which are overlooked at times of home inspection.

Pre purchase Property inspectors will help you decide on whether to buy the house or not on its said price.

Areas you should pay close attention to

All roof defects are not immediately visible and probably you might have missed out on a few while walking around the house. Missing shingles or popped nails are easy to locate and so are damp spots on the ceiling and walls. Locating hidden damp spots in the crawl spaces and the attic will require the expert eye of a building inspector.

Another commonly overlooked aspect is the HVAC systems. Most people do not bother to check this out before they actually move in. Get all ventilation, heating and cooling systems checked before you thinking of shifting to a new house to avoid future complications.

Doors and windows should be examined both from the inside as well as outside to see if they are smooth and leveled and the weather stripping should be perfect. The glass doors should be inspected to verify whether it is energy efficient glass. Make sure that all hinges in the doors and windows are working properly.

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