Common Methods For Carpet Cleaning

It is important for any homeowner like you to choose a carpet cleaning Brisbane method that is effective and efficient. In this case, you will need to understand what the four methods to clean carpets are. This way, you will also have an idea as to which method is the best one that you need to use for your own carpet. There are four common methods namely the carpet shampoo method, the dry powder method, the bonnet method, and the steam cleaning method.


The first method is the carpet shampoo method. With this technique, you will need to generate lots of foam on your carpet. You will then let the foam sit until it dries. When it dries, it will result to a residue that will help attract soil from the fibers. On the next day, you will be able to vacuum up such residue with the soil easily. Most carpet shampoos typically have foamy chemicals as their main ingredients. One of these chemicals is sodium lauryl sulfate. However, most carpet cleaning professionals would consider the carpet shampoo method as inferior than others. This is because it cleans poorly as well as poses resoiling issues. Aside from that, it may also damage your carpet in the long run.


The next method is the dry powder method. Most people also know this method most commonly as dry cleaning since it does not use any water or liquid. With this technique, you will have to sprinkle certain amounts of dry absorbent compound all over the carpet. Afterwards, you will have to use a machine to work into it. Such compound has the ability to attract soil and absorb it. In most cases, such compound is organic although there are also polymer-based ones. If you decide to use such method, you should make sure that you will thoroughly vacuum your carpet before and after you clean it.


The third one is the bonnet method or the carbonated method. With this method, you will use a oscillating or rotary brush. You will then need to spray a cleaning solution into damp pads and place such pads onto the surface. Afterwards, you have to drive the brush into the pads. However, most carpet manufacturers do not approve of this method to clean carpets. They insist that it will only destroy the carpet fibers. You will have to ask the manufacturer of your carpet with regards to the compatibility of this method with your item.


Lastly, there is the steam cleaning method. This is also known for its other names which are external extraction method and hot or warm water extraction. Most carpet manufacturers agree that this particular method is the best carpet cleaning technique. They usually classify this method as deep cleaning because it can remove soils which are already deep into the fibers. It also does not leave high amounts of cleaning solution on the surface. With this technique, warm water is used so that dirt can be forced out of the carpets and then sucked into a holding tank with the use of a vacuum.