Commercial bakery ovens

The bakery process is set by two main factors: the type of product and also the amount of items placed on the surface of the tray.

The time of heating an cooling of the commercial bakery oven is quite long and slow. To reach temperature of 180 degrees celsius there is a need to wait a period of time of an half and hour to an hour. Cooling the oven is happening by leaving the door open.

The oven is coming with glass door that in most cases opens upwards. The level of isolations is very high. In some of the ovens there is a steam generate that is control by selector and connected to a warning, safety light.

Another modern oven is the “turbo oven”. Every turbo oven* is pplaced on the floor, and in the centre of the door there is transparent panel. The baking process is similar to the regular oven’s part for the fact that controlling the baking process is being set by a thermostat and the baker himself. The air heat is evenly distributed on every cell.

Protecting your health is important especially if you are using a microwave oven every day. Hire testing and tagging services for any leakage problems.