Cleaning Commercial Fridge

Remove all contents irrespective of whether they are in a raw, semi-processed or processed form. Store them in a place which is at a safe distance from your fridge and cover them properly. Dusting up the dirt that has built up in the fan or the condenser can pollute the vicinity. You can replace the contents after you’re done with the cleaning process.

Clear removable separately

This tip is more applicable for a standalone commercial fridge that has parts that can be taken and cleaned separately like the grills, vegetable dispensers, food racks, and ice dispensers. Needless to say, these parts can be cleaned more efficiently if they’re taken out.

Use a vacuum for cleaning the condenser

This is perhaps the most vital part in your refrigerator and also the most difficult to reach for cleaning. Therefore, you’d need extra effort to clean the condenser. This part takes on more dirt than other areas and you’d be better off using a portable vacuum cleaner to scoop out the dirt. Trying to clean it manually will result in the dust getting spread. Your hands also will not be able to reach areas that the vacuum easily will.

Wipe thoroughly

Wiping all the grills, covers and racks is actually an elaborate process. But if you want the best results, break down the process into two steps. First, use a clean dry cloth and sprinkled with liquid cleaner to thoroughly clean all the parts and thereafter repeat the process with a damp cloth to give your commercial fridges a sparkling look.   


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