Clean Your Timber Plantation Shutters

Timber plantation shutters put a touch of new ambiance to whatever kind of home, making a highlight on the windows and giving a distinguishing shade to be added on the house for a different look. Timber plantation shutters can be used inside or outside of the house. Wherever you are placing it, it would still surely look good and it will still add a different look on your house. A house that has the same look in every corner has no appeal and will never look attractive to anyone and even to the owner. Every house should posses a thing that would give contrast to the look of the house. But wherever you will place these timber plantation shutters, they will always need cleaning. Here are some guide tips on how you can clean your timber
plantation shutters.

1. Cleaning timber plantation shutters should be done in a dry way.

When you clean your timber plantation shutters, it is advised that you use a dry cleaning method because if you use water or spray for it, you might damaged the wood causing it to brittle and get scratched very easily. Wooden furniture‘s greatest enemy is water so when you should not clean them using water. You can use a dry cloth to wipe off the dusts that are on it. Dusting off wooden furniture is very easy and the same goes with dusting off timber plantation shutters.

2. You can also use vacuum cleaners or feather dusters.

The only dirt that can be in a plantation shutter will be dusts. These dusts can be removed by using a vacuum cleaner. You may need to attach a soft brush on the vacuum cleaner so you can remove most of the dusts that are on the timber plantation shutters. This is mostly advised when the shutters are located inside the house. This is because when you use a feather duster to dust off these dusts, you are just spreading the dusts on the other parts of the house. You can use the feather duster when your shutters are located outside your house because you will no longer worry if the dusts will spread anywhere. Besides it is outside your house.

3. Clean every slat.

Tilting the slats of the shutter is a must when you are cleaning them. Your goal is to remove all the dusts that are on it so it is just a must that each and every slat is also dust free. Not just the parts that is visible to you. You may use a dry toothbrush to remove the dusts that are on the area that is hard to reach. The vacuum cleaner will not be able to reach it and so does the feather duster.

4. Do this regularly.

For plantation shutters to retain their look, you have to clean them regularly because letting the dusts sit on each slat for too long may damage the window shutter. Besides, they may be hard to clean already if they have been on it for too long.