Choosing a Wedding DJ

Quality of your DJ cannot be measured beforehand but something that can help is the number of references and testimonials. A professional DJ will keep the records of all his customers’ testimonials and present it to you on your first meeting.

It is best to ask him for a few references so that your trust in him is solidified. You will surely have someone in your guest list who would know of good DJ’s. You can use this info to your advantage.

Package deals

Most venues ask you to buy a package deal which includes their own DJ. Of course, they give you a list of DJs to choose from but that list is generated because many DJs pay these vendors to be present on that list.

Do not agree to accept the services of any vendor suggested DJ without interviewing the DJ yourself.

If after sitting it out you do not like any of the DJs mentioned in the list, you always have a choice to bring in your own DJ. Simply, ask the vendor to deduct their DJ fee from the package deal.


Even a novice can bring in huge and expensive DJ equipment and appear to be busy mixing music for you but if he or she doesn’t churn out a good mix then it all makes no sense. A professional DJ will bring appropriate equipment along and play appropriate music as per the crowd.

A Good DJ

The reason why professional DJs charge so high is that half of the charge is taken by the house which has recruited the DJ. He/she iss creative and hence will take recently released music and apply his tricks on the spot. You wouldn’t like a DJ playing music which is months old just because he plays them well.

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