Things to Consider When Choosing a Professional Cleaner


Nothing that turns off a visitor than a dirty home. A dirty and disorganized place can be attributed to poor cleaning habits, and neglect. This is why you need to be very keen when choosing your cleaning service provider. So what are the most important characteristics of a good, efficient and trustworthy cleaner?

Response time and efficiency

When a cleaner takes a whole day to do a simple cleaning around the house yet clearly see any difference, you should get a new one. A professional house cleaning service is greatly determined by how fast they get back to their clients, how easily they can understand the client’s requirements, and provide an immediate quote for cost and time it will take to do cleaning. On average cleaning should not take more than a day, and in case the cleaner needs time, you should demand to know more on the same.

Staff training and experience

It is important to get cleaning services from a certified professional, this guarantees the cleaner has been through this and hence he will take adequate care of your property and items. Check how long they have been providing cleaning services. A cleaner who has been in the market for five years but hardly can show off previous work, leaves a lot to be desired.

Insurance cover

An insurance cover ensures that you get compensated in case there is damage to property, items, personal injury, or loss of goods during cleaning. Therefore, you do not have to follow the cleaner to the bedroom to monitor the safe, or shout at him when they accidentally break that classic vase, since any damage will be covered.

Support and follow up services

Cleaning services Auckland ensures that they are available when you need them. They are be able to notify you even when you are far away about the cleaning services provided. Also, if your cleaning requirements are not adequate enough to provide thorough cleaning, they should advise you. The cleaning agency should make a point of calling you to follow up about your satisfaction level. A company that only promises to collect a mistake the following time they do cleaning is just being irresponsible and does not care about their client’s satisfaction.


This should have been the first on this list. Cleaning involves a lot to do with dirt and handling unwanted materials, this calls for someone who is passionate and loves what they do.