Checklist for a Wedding Anniversary Party

Every betrothal or union is like an engrossing novel. It has a beginning and an ending with many chapters thrown in between. And just like a narrative that unfolds and develops with milestones at every 10th, 15th or 25th chapters your marriage too has its usual highlights that you’d wish to commemorate with wedding anniversary celebrations.

Instead of making it an annual ritual, earmark a carnival or fete to correspond with your 5th, 10th or 25th anniversary. Engaging with party supplies would be a prudent move as it might provide you with tips on drawing up a wedding checklist besides supplying you equipment.

Going thematic

To make your wedding anniversary come out on top going for a theme oriented party would be just what your party supplies company might suggest. If you orchestrate your decorations, menu, attire of the guests, and the invitations around a theme or motif, you’ll be able to give a face to the event.

And you don’t have go for any out of world or abstract theme that might cause bewilderment. Just settle for a classic 60s or 70s Hollywood wedding theme that’ll have your guests going gaga.

Budget planner

You’ll invariably need to make a budget first of all that’ll be instrumental in giving you an idea of where you stand i.e. how much can you afford to spend for the gala. The financial wherewithal at your disposal will affect the key issues connected with your anniversary like the guest list, food and beverages menu, and the usual wedding party supplies like trimmings, apparels, napkins, crockery and so on. You’d certainly not want to go all the way just to discover that you don’t have the resources to organize the party as you’ve outlined.

It is best to have a photobooth for this event. Enjoy your anniversary party!