Carpet Cleaning Tips That Really Work

One of the best practices to follow if you have a carpet at home is cleaning it on a regular basis to prevent wear and tear and to keep it free from dirt and dust. Carpet cleaning can be a challenging task especially when time gets in the way. The most difficult part in cleaning the carpet is devoting too many hours to make sure that it is restored to its original condition. However, you can reap plenty of benefits by cleaning your carpet and one of which is keeping your indoor environment healthy. Find out who is the best to hire for this.

Points To Remember When Preparing Your Carpet For Cleaning



Whether you hire a professional to do the job or you clean the carpet yourself, it is important that you remove lamps, plants and other things that are resting on your carpet. There are carpet cleaners that will move the furniture for you at an extra cost. If you plan to have your furniture removed by carpet cleaning service in North Brisbane, make sure you inform them ahead of time.  Once carpet cleaning is done, you should make sure that the carpet is free of moisture. Since it may still be damp, you can use a fan to make sure that the carpet is completely dry. Drying time can also be accelerated with the use of heating system or air conditioning. Although you can immediately walk on your carpet after cleaning it, it is recommended that you avoid wearing your shoes as these can re-soil your carpet.

Regular use of vacuum cleaners is required for areas where heavy traffic takes place. Vacuuming should be done at least two to three times a week. It is a good idea to place indoor and outdoor mats especially at your entrance. The mats can help reduce the amount of dirt that may enter your home.

When it comes to the frequency of carpet cleaning, it should be done at least once a year. If you have children, pets or heavy traffic, it is advisable to clean your carpet every 6 months. Regular cleaning ensures that your home stays free of dust mites, mold, dirt, bacteria and many others.

If you choose to clean your carpet using wet method, choose a cleaning agent that is tough on stains but not on your carpet. Before you apply the cleaning agent, be sure to test it as there are carpets that are sensitive to cleaners with acid component. If your carpet is not prone to stains, it will be better to use mild cleaning agents to prevent discoloration and damage.

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