Buying Hospitality Supplies

Because of the recession and the slow economic recovery, the hospitality industry took a direct hit and has therefore cut back on spending. All the hotels, motels, resorts, bed and breakfasts and inns are trying to save money and are shopping around for the best deals.

Vendors specialising in hospitality equipment supplies have realised this trend and are therefore trying to attract hospitality customers by offering special deals, greater discounts, extra products for the same amount of money, faster shipping or reduced prices. You can capitalise on these attractive offers and strike fruitful deals with vendors to save money on your hotel and housekeeping supplies.

Many of the vendors also allow customisation of supplies and offer tips and advice on which products may best represent your hospitality brand. If you want, these vendors will also provide you with linen, bedding and toiletries carrying your trademark hotel logo or insignia.

Operators of small hotels, vacation rental properties or bed and breakfast establishments have to deal with only a handful of guests. So if you have a small establishment on your hand, you would do better to source your supplies locally.

This will not only save you money on shipping charges, if you run out of supplies, you will be able to replenish your stock quickly from your local supplies store or dealer. Big chain hotel owners may have to depend on large online warehouses and suppliers who are capable of handling bulk orders.