Busting the Myths about Shared Parenting

Ever since the ‘Shared Parental Responsibility’ laws (relating to child custody) came into effect in 2006, vilifying and slanderous campaigns have been undertaken periodically by single mother’s associations, self-serving journalists, and other groups with vested interests.

Judging by the libellous nature of these crusades, it can be convincingly concluded that these factions were more interested in seeking cheap publicity rather than voice sincere concerns about children of separated parents. There are many myths surrounding shared parenting that have been busted by family lawyers.

Being compelled into equal time upbringing

Nothing could be farther from the truth. The Shared Parental Responsibility Statutes nowhere stipulates that both the parents have to find equivalent time for their kids or children, no matter what.

The members of the Parliament (when discussions for passing legislation for joint parental responsibilities of divorced parents with children came up) intensely debated about promulgating an equal time nursing rule with riders in the best interests of the child.

Since the time the law was enforced, there has been a deliberate attempt by several factions of single mothers, politicians with agendas, and even some mainstream newspapers to subvert these tenets by persistently presenting a distorted picture not in sync with reality.

Jargons like ‘mandatory’ or ‘compelled to’ have been extensively used in newspaper reports and opinion columns to temper the view that the legislation in its present form incited and stimulated domestic violence against women and children.

Contrary to what these groups would like you to believe, The Family Court’s account on Shared Parental Responsibility Outcomes highlights the fact that the promulgation of the statute has not had the desired impact.

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