Be Oriented With Timber Removal Procedure

When a home renovation is inevitable like you are just moving into a new house and the wood is shouting for a replacement, then you need to do timber removal procedure. When it comes to this procedure, know that there are professionals that you can hire. As usual, they are always your best option and in the long run just like as always, you will realize that hiring them is in fact more economical as the job will be done quickly and properly at that. Timber removal is really not an easy job even if you don’t care about the removed timbers like you are really not planning to use them anymore. Contact the timber floor removal service to professionally perform this task. Know that there are a various ways they are installed and aside from that, the timbers installed in the first place vary in thickness, and vary the way they are installed like the glue and all.

For more understanding, let me orient you the three types of timber flooring:

–    First we have the direct stick timber flooring. Because this type of flooring is done in which the timbers or the woods are directly glues to the slab like really concrete slab, the removal process can be hard. You have to cut the floor covering into sections so that the woods will be separated from the slab. You need to be equipped with the right tool like the jackhammer. Then after this, you will now go with the grinding so that the used glue will be completely removed and the slab will be perfectly clean.

timber-floor-removal–    The second type of timber flooring is the plank on ply type. In this type, there is a subfloor in between the slab and the timber flooring. The removal procedure will be done through cutting the timber flooring and the sub floor in small sections after which the subfloor will be lifted. When that is done, it is now time to make sure the slab will be completely cleaned like all the nails will be removed and maybe some grinding will also be done.

–     Then there is also the floating type which is from the name alone, you will right away understand that the flooring of floating like it is not attached to the subfloor. And because of this situation, removal of the timber flooring is basically easy. With the use of a designed blade, the timber flooring should be easily stripped. When the timber flooring is completely removed, the slab can now be vacuumed so that it will be ready for another type of flooring.

So, those are the three type of wooden flooring, as you can see, even the easiest type of timber flooring needs a special tool to be done, thus you need to hire timber flooring removal specialists for this procedure. You can search online as just like any other type of businesses, most of them have their own websites already. From there you can see how to inquire about their services.