Bathroom Showers – Common Issues

Shower leaks can be broadly divided into two types – one that is caused in shower pipe and the other that is caused in the shower floor. Usually the old shower pipes develop leaks and cracks as they get rusted with time.

These pipes are to be replaced. Also, the points when different pipes are connected can leak as their joint becomes weak. An industrial sealant should solve the problem. Sometimes there maybe water seepage in the shower stall tiles, the walls adjacent to shower and below the shower floor.

This is caused as the caulking in the corner of shower stall wears out with time and water seeps in through this defect. There might be cracks in the shower pan which causes water spillage on adjacent walls. If leaks are present on the adjacent sides of shower, then the issue is with the floor lining and plumbing.

Run down hot water for some time (around 10-15min) through it before using the shower so that the extra chemical deposits are removed. A home remedy for clearing clogs is pouring down baking soda mixed with some vinegar. This bubbling solution eats through the clog and cleans the pipe. Remember to run down hot water after this.

Another means of clog removal is using plumber’s snake. You can push it through the pipe having clog. This will either push down the debris out of the drain or bring up the obstruction so that you can pull it out the drain. The emergency plumber Brisbane are trusted plumbing agency to deal with. Give them a call should any plumbing issue occur in your home.

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