Alert! Advertisers Using Video Production as Tactics on Marketing Must Read This

Are you an advertiser or a marketer? Then, you might want to read this article. Here are some statistics for video marketing and what it means to you:

Are you up for a business? Whether it’s an online business or not, you need to know that video production in related to your products or services is a must because of these statistics.

1.8 Million Words

Did you know that for a one minute video, you can have 1.8 million words? Yes. You have read it right. It was according to the Forrester Research by Dr. James Mcquivey.

Are you up for writing 1.8 million words for your business? Do you have enough time, energy and ideas? That is equivalent to 3,600 websites. If you really would like to write for your business, then the average web page you can write will only be one per hour and that would take you up to 150 days in order to achieve the one minute video value.

My point is producing video instead of writing is the best and most practical way of marketing as it would save your time, energy and even ideas. Online Video? What’s its market?


According to a survey that measures online use and engagement, 45.4% is the percentage of netizens who views a video over the internet for a whole month. An average Internet user makes up to 32.2 videos in a course of one month. This means that your video will be most likely to be seen by your target customers. But does this really make sense? Yes. Read out more below to know more.

100 million

100 million users are watching videos online every day in the entire world. Granted with this number, a lot of them are searching for funny videos for cats and dogs, searching videos on how to make things and how to make it work. Then, it is 100% possible they would also search videos for products and services of different businesses.


This percentage shows that buyers or online shoppers prefer companies who show and market their products through videos. It is also shows that products with its own video sell more than those products that do not have its own video promotion.


This is the percentage of Forbes executives that watch videos on YouTube. 50% are watching the videos and another 25% are visiting the link after they have watched the videos on YouTube.

Fish Media are Sydney’s first choice video production company. Take it away! If you are not using videos on marketing, then you are missing the big point.