Advantages of Bamboo Flooring

If you are tired of using common flooring materials such as hard wood or tiles, then bamboo flooring is worth a try. Although bamboo flooring is rarely used, it is becoming a popular choice among home owners who are building or renovating homes. Here are some advantages of using bamboo flooring.


Bamboo is its name and durability is its game. The bamboo is known throughout the world as one of the most durable materials on earth. Both known for its magnificent tensile and compressive strength, bamboo is no doubt strong enough to rival man-made materials such as concrete, brick and even steel. Despite being a breed of grass, bamboo displays characteristics that are also found in hard wood. It is often testified in East Asian countries as a scaffolding to assist construction workers in their job and these scaffolding would reach great heights. Imagine transforming the humble bamboo into a flooring material – it is definitely strong enough to live through a strong impact and not leave a dent and scuffs and scratches are a thing of the past for bamboos floors. click here


Bamboo is known for its resistivity against water which is why it is a perfect candidate as a floor material. With bamboo flooring, it is rest assured that it will not easily be overpowered with accidental water spills compared with hard wood. The reason for that is it is already innate in a bamboo to be resistive to water. Another added bonus to using bamboo is that it will not only resist water but insects as well, making sure that the bamboo will not draw insects that will possibly pose a threat to the house and even to the household.

Environmental Friendly

There is nothing to worry about when using bamboo as a material for making floors. Bamboo grows fast which eradicates the fear of running out of this resource because it can grow indefinitely even without the need for replanting it. The bamboo is highly regarded by the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design as it is a standard used to measure a building’s environmental friendliness. When a building is aiming for an environment friendly status, the Green Building Rating System is applied and having bamboo flooring is not only an advantage but it also gives a plus to getting this. Bamboo used for flooring material is identified as Moso and is not the type of bamboo that animals such as giant pandas look as a food source so it does not deny these creatures food.