A Guide to Commercial Vacuum Packaging Machines 

Commercial Vacuum Packaging Machines are useful equipment to have around professional kitchens. Several restaurant owners or professional caterers give their clients the option of parcelling food on the go. However, preparing healthy and fresh food and then parcelling it in a sub standard manner that allows the nutritional value to reduce over the next few hours is pointless. It is therefore common for professional caterers to invest in good quality vacuum packaging machines.

What are Commercial vacuum packaging machines?

Vacuum packers are machines specially built to remove air from parcels before they are packed, hence the use of the word “vacuum”. By removing the air from parcels it increases the shelf life of the contents inside.

This technology is especially useful in the food and beverage sector to increase the product life of preserved or packed foods and drinks.

Vacuum packing also ensures that the food in the packets do not suffer from freezer burns. The machine especially works by preventing the food from being exposed to extreme temperatures. These machines are useful in large restaurants or catering businesses that deal in home delivery services.

The benefits of commercial vacuum packaging machines

Commercial vacuum packaging machines are especially useful when used by restaurant owners and caterers who deal in bulk home delivery of food. By vacuum packaging the food in air tight containers, the shelf life of the food is preserved as is its natural freshness. This is especially useful for milk based products and foods and meats.