5 Video Production Options

Video content is becoming more relevant and wanted in the contemporary society. Well, people do self-market their skills through the videos whereas businesses market their products. You cannot afford to be left behind.

Types of video production strategies depends on the aim of the video that range from educational to awareness reasons.

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So, let us examine different types of video production available.

Tutorial videos

Tutorials are mostly used by businesses people to showcase product or series works for instance, how to sing high notes, how to cook kimchi or how to install shutters. This is done by setting up accounts such as you tube channel where one uploads its or their videos daily, weekly or monthly and find a way to get subscribed viewers.

Training videos

Businesses are also using training videos to train their employees about their products and on how to improve their businesses. They are produced to ensure that all participants receive the same message and also that you do not have to repeat the same message to your employees over and over verbally but through recorded video(s).

Project reviews

This is mostly used in the corporate world as a marketing strategy, where the business adds videos of customers’ reviews of their product. Businesses gets a chance to talk about their products too, explain their competitive advantage, introduce new product features to the market. The good thing with product reviews is that they are more believable than other styles.


Similarly, are testimonials, they can be about a consumer taking about how great working with you has been or even being a part of your team talking about a challenging project you handled or other partnerships praising you for great working relationship.

Testimonials are so powerful as they are social proof of great working relations.

Event videos

Events videos aim at capturing moments. This type of video production cannot be reshot as they happen ones in a lifetime and if it happens again, it is different from the first such as wedding events or your business annual dinner.

Any video production has to be as perfect as possible ensuring the most important events are not left out such as exchange of vows or kissing, for any wedding event. A good way to shoot such videos is in portions so that in case of errors they can easily be eliminated without affecting the whole video shoot.

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